Back Up Generators


Emergency Service Calls - Available 24/7 

  • Preventative Maintenance & Repairs
  • Load Bank Testing
  • Oil, Cooling, and Fuel Analysis
  • Control Upgrades
  • Complete System Monitoring Available
  • Complete Packaging

Stand-By Generation

Powered by a wide variety of engines to suit our customers’ most unique requirements, we offer Diesel/Natural Gas generator sets ranging from 30 - 2500 kW.

From our standard product line to our customized product, our quality and attention to detail is unparalleled. Our expertise and flexible customized solutions offer you the unique opportunity to receive a unit that is fit perfectly to you or your customer’s particular STAND-BY application.

NFPA 110 Regulations

SPS can provide other service options along with your maintenance program such as fluid sample analysis for oil, fuel, and coolant.

Load bank testing and transfer switch testing is also available to ensure complete and proper operation of your equipment as well as  in compliance with NFPA or Joint Commission guidelines.

Peace of mind with back-up emergency power is our goal to always develop a long term partnership well beyond the sale.

~Our commitment to fuel efficiency, and current EPA emissions standards provide you with the most technologically advanced, environmentally friendly unit available. All units are UL 2200 Listed, CSA 282-09 Certified, & Seismic Certified to IBC 2012.



Benefits of Transfer Switches

Many facilities that have generator sets more than likely have automatic transfer switches (ATS) to automatically start the generator when there is a  power failure. This will  switch the power load from the electric utility source to the generator set providing temporary power.

At Sterling Power Systems, our transfer switch offerings include open, delayed, or closed transition, bypass isolation, service entrance rated or switches with load centers built into them. We proudly offer the top leading brands of automatic transfer switches.


Rental Generators



Power is the universal need for any mission-critical event or job site. Delivering power to a construction site, special event or a variety of any plant or facility, requires careful planning and consideration.

Our experts will help you to gain a concrete understanding of all of your power needs for the specific job. We’ll specify the most efficient and economical power solution to ensure your power needs are met.



Sterling Power Systems Inc is the first choice for standby systems that provide continuous energy to maximize success, minimize risk, and achieve compliance in life and safety codes.

Here are just a few of the reasons Sterling Power Systems Inc are the industry's leader in power generation:

  • Diesel and natural gas generator sets from 4 to 2,700 kW
  • Integrated smart technology digital controls
  • Remote technology in integrated digital control
  • Transfer switches from 40 to 3,000 amps
  • Paralleling systems
  • Sound-attenuated enclosures
  • Containerized Series Generator Set
  • Rental power solutions
  • Turnkey solutions for many applications
  • 24/7 service and support
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