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Sterling Power Systems has a policy revolving around providing a safe workplace environment for our workers and subcontractors. The safety and loss prevention program is designed with this goal in mind and is the shared responsibility of every worker and subcontractor.

Working together, we are not only able to attain excellence in all aspects of our operation but to maintain a safety record that will be the envy of the industry. We believe an effective safety and loss prevention program is the cornerstone of good operating practice. It is in our policy to:

1. Provide training as required.

2. Conduct hazard assessments.

3. Use CSA-approved or comparable personal protective equipment as needed.

4. Properly maintain tools, equipment and facilities.

5. Conduct informal and formal inspections to find and correct any unsafe acts or conditions.

6. Investigate all incidents and accidents with the objective of preventing re occurrences.

Although Sterling Power Systems policies, practices and procedures are in compliance with or exceed current Occupational Health and Safety (hereinafter “OH&S”) requirements, they do not take precedence over OH&S regulations nor are they required to exceed legislated regulations. Managers, workers and subcontractors must ensure they operate within the rules and regulations governing their specific place of operation.

The owner/CEO  must not only promote and demonstrate safe work practices but also ensure subcontractors and workers understand their responsibility to work safely. Managers, subcontractors and workers are accountable for their actions and decisions.

Failure to comply with safety policies, practices and procedures will be cause for disciplinary action that may include suspension, dismissal or contract cancellation, if warranted. Remember, safety is as important as production, quality and cost control. If you have any safety-related questions or are unsure of how to complete an assigned task, ask your supervisor.

Remember, government regulations are law. If the company, workers or subcontractors fail to comply with the regulations, the officers of the company and/or subcontractors, supervisors or workers will be held accountable and may be prosecuted. Thus, maintaining a safe work site is everyone’s responsibility and is in your best interest. Observe the law and work safely.

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Donnie Johnson

On August 12, 2004, I was connecting large electrical generator in preparation for Hurricane Charlie. The meter I was using failed and blew carbon into the gear and created an electrical arc which resulted in an arc blast. The electrical equipment shown in the video is the actual equipment after the explosion when my co-workers were there trying to restore power and make temporary repairs. I ended up with full thickness, 3rd degree burns to both hands and arms along with 2nd and 3rd degree burns to my neck and face. I was in a coma for two months due to numerous complications from infections and medications.

  • Please take the time to watch this video and use it as a reminder that we all get complacent. We are humans that will make mistakes but with the proper safety procedures in place, can help mitigate complacency. Remember that P.P.E is just last line of defense and proper job hazard assignment is your first line of action.

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