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Process Gas & Steam Turbine Power

A gas or steam turbine project is about more than electricity. It’s about regulatory know-how, engineering, construction, long-term asset management, and operations. Like no other energy technology, it’s about people, the environment, and the future.

At Sterling Power Systems we have invested heavily in learning all about turbine systems, so you can be confide in the reliability, quality, and longevity of the solution you choose with us.


From Island to Full Scale exporting projects, we offer turn key solutions from feasibility to on-site commissioning.

* From a portfolio of alternatives that can be customized to address your specific power needs. *

Thanks to our industry-leading cost structure, vast experience, and modern communications infrastructure; we empower energy providers with cleaner, more affordable, more reliable energy systems.

Together, we can create a brighter future—for your business and the planet.

We can give you freedom from one of the most monopolistic industries; utility companies.  


Technological Advancements.

GE Turbines

Sterling Powers Systems power generation experience is filled with industry firsts and impressive milestones. Culminating in the 2014 introduction of the highly efficient HA gas turbine. Other OEMs have followed suit, but none can offer the outstanding performance, reliability, efficiency, and expertise of GE H-class gas turbine.

Our engineers were the first to leverage new gas turbine technology and achieve 62.22% combined-cycle net efficiency (at EDF Bouchain in 2016 with a 9HA.01), and 65% efficiency is on our horizon.

Advanced gas turbine materials and coating as well as evolving combustor technology are putting our H-class turbines ahead of the curve with the industry’s lowest gas turbine levelized cost of electricity (LCOE), building on our heritage of continuous improvement and innovation.

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