What is Bi-Fuel (Dual Fuel)?

Dual Fuel is the regulated and controlled delivery of a gaseous fuel to an engine originally operating purely on diesel fuel. This is typically Natural Gas from a pipeline, or CNG/ LNG source. Some names you may recognize as Propane, Bio-gas, Coal Gas,  or Landfill Gas.


Slow Speed Engine Layout

Why a Dual Fuel System?

• No loss of power or torque; power electricity-generation engines up to 12MW

• Annual fuel savings between 20% and 60%

• Applications include primary power, emergency back-up power and peak shaving

• Utilize multiple fuel options – conditioned wellhead, pipeline, liquid (LNG) or compressed (CNG) natural gas sources

• Reduce fuel costs with average diesel displacement between 40% and 55%, and peak displacement up to 75%

• No modification to base diesel engine – return to 100% diesel at anytime

• Reduce emissions and meet corporate sustainability goals and objectives

Goal Green

Significant reduction in most regulated diesel engine emissions

  • NOX
  • Particulate Matter (PM)
  • SOX
  • CO2

Other emissions can be regulated with after treatment solutions

  • CO
  • HC

Coffee Table FYI

-Seamless and automatic changeover to 100% diesel operation

-Diesel engine manages load transients providing frequency stability and excellent load acceptance / rejection

-Smooth transition between diesel and Bi-fuel mode at any time

-Maintains the original output of the diesel engine

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